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Along with most of the world, I first fell in love with Drew when I saw her performance in the movie ET.That scene where she opens the closet door and she and ET just both stand there screaming is still one of my all time favorite movie moments. She was off my radar for a while and then I saw her in – a fascinating and intelligent examination of why young Americans don’t vote.It has taken years for us to come to grips with the fact my wife has BP.Fortunately, my wife is really good about taking her meds and seeking therapy.

A person with bipolar disorder has a lot of explaining to do when they first start dating someone new.

You know, anyone can pull out a medical book, look up a few symptoms, and convince themselves they have any number of afflictions.

If you are 'reasonably sure' you have some type of issue, then get your butt to a professional and get your suspicions confirmed or denied.

And then there are the marriages – for five weeks when she was 19 to Welsh-born bartender named Jeremy Thomas in a ceremony performed in an LA bar by a clairvoyant from a psychic hotline.

Drew’s second marriage, to TV host and comic Tom Green, was also strikingly short – they wed in July 2001 and had split by December!

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Also, she has clearly stated that she does not medicate.

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