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Dating900 com

By Matt Waymeyer Several years ago I was walking in a park and met a man who identified himself as a pantheist.

As I shared the Gospel with him, he raised a series of objections, the first of which concerned the reliability of Scripture.

David was the youngest son of Jesse's and grew up tending the sheep.On the one hand they tell us the KJV is an “EXCELLENT” translation (Caps are theirs!), and then they proceed to tell us the King James Bible is riddled with what they call “Indisputable, universally recognized errors in the KJV” and “spurious passages”.“The Bible was going along fine,” he explained, “until King James came along and changed it all.Now we have no idea what the original Bible actually said.” The man’s objection was obviously more than a bit misinformed, but it does raise a significant question: If we do not possess the original manuscripts of the Bible, if the existing manuscripts do not completely agree with each other, and if there is no absolutely sure method of determining the original reading where these differences exist, then how can we have confidence in the Bible we possess today?

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