Japan sex chatroom

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Japan sex chatroom

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Two of the young women who died this week were among four involved in a pact that failed last week after police intervened.

Charcoal-burning stoves, discussed in a lot of the chatroom messages, have featured in many of the group suicides. Nine deaths at once seems shocking enough, but the reality is much worse: 94 people kill themselves every day.

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"We planned this together," one of the dead women wrote in her suicide note.

"This was not a criminal incident." After ensuring the cars were airtight, the occupants tied themselves together by the wrists and were poisoned by the fumes from charcoal-burning stoves that they had lit inside. Thirty-four people died in group suicides last year, with 16 more this year.

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"If you are considering suicide as I am, talk," a high school boy wrote yesterday on one site that contained 79 messages. The deaths on Tuesday of seven people, all in their teens or early 20s, in a minivan in bushland near Tokyo, and two more deaths in a second car not far away, are thought to be connected to these "suicide applicant" websites.

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